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House DeTyre Welcomes You!

Welcome to the home of House DeTyre...come in, visit a while.

We are a Household in the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA). Most of our members reside in the Middle Kingdom, within the Barony of Sternfeld.

We are best known as a fighting household, but we also encourage our members to be active in the Arts & Sciences, and several of our members also happen to be active as heralds.

Come, sit by the fire, have a drink, eat some ribs {grin}, and let us tell you tales of our members, our interests, and how we decided to cooperate in this shared hallucination we call life.

Table of Contents

Member Biographies: Learn who we are.
Photo Gallery: See who these silly people are.
Calendar of Events: The events House DeTyre plans on attending.
House News and Announcements: What we've done and plan on doing.
SCA related articles: written by house members.
Links: our list of friends and useful links.
De Tyre History: a little bit about our household.

Household hospitality has been extended times.

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