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In Memoriam: HRH Ja'far al-Safa, KSCA, OP

The Dragon Weeps
by Lady Moira Mathews

The Dragon weeps this Winterís day, Its tears
Of sorrow flow throughout our mourning land.
Jafar is gone, It cries, and Its people hears,
And our hearts weep at a loss unplanned.
A noble man, our Prince was much esteemed
By all who met or heard or saw Him rule.
A Knight renowned, honor bound and seemed
To shine the light of Chivalry, a jewel.
He fought for His lady, and had desired
To bring Her joy, acclaim, and royalty.
He gave Himself to serve, and inspired
All who served to give their best loyalty.
And now, we mourn His presence gone,
But always in our hearts His soul lives on.

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