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Household Member Biographies

Robert DeTyre (Patriarch): Robert is a Templar Knight who has been on the Crusades for some time now. Due to his status, he has established his own fighting unit consisting of his personal Men-at-Arms.

Robert Coleman is a Microfiche Technician, who is also a fighter, herald, artist, and armourer.

Audelinde VonMetten DeTyre (Matriarch): Audelinde is the youngest of Johann VonMetten's 12 children, with her twin brother Neptunalis. Due to strategic (and profitable) negotiations on her behalf with Lord DeTyre, the two have been happily wed for five years.

Rebecca Coleman is an Administrative Assistant, who is a costumer and herald. She also enjoys writing filk songs and torturing everyone with her puns.

Padruig de Gordan is a young Scottish squire that went on one of the first crusades with his father (who was killed in battle) and Padruig was captured and enslaved. He became a warrior slave, a Mamluk. Padruig was later captured again in a battle with crusaders from Scotland where he was returned to his home. Padruig entered into the service of House DeTyre where he was elevated to the rank of Warlord (Second in command under Robert and Audelinde), and was later squired by Sir Ivar (Morgath) for his prowess in battle.

Pat Mills is employed by Praxair Surface Technologies.

Moira Mathews (House Pursuivant): Moira is Audelinde's older cousin. Since she is currently widowed, she has sought the protection of her favorite cousin and her husband in their exciting household. She is, however, currently being courted by a romantic Greek healer met during her travels.

Ellen Carrico is an Administrative Assistant, who enjoys costume research, cordial making, needlework, music and period cooking. She is also a deputy regional Pursuivant for the Constellation Region.

Cennedda ferch Mynedd damos Cladebos: Cennadda is an early 12th Century Welsh lady equally skilled in the arts of Arachne and Mars.

Kim Shumaker is a Critical Care Technician with Riley Children's Hospital in Indianapolis. She is Apprenticed to Maestra Audrey Adelicia for Costuming.

Isunger Edvardr Herbertson (late 11th Century) is the son of a prominent Norse ship builder who decided to go Viking. Current whereabouts are unknown, although he is heard to be serving the Emperor of Byzantium.

Ted Hucks is a Microfiche Technician at Anacomp.

Kaywick de Everaux is an early 12th Century lady of mixed Welsh/Norman parentage going on Crusade in search of her father -- who left no forwarding address.

Amy Hucks is an associate at Nordstroms Indianapolis.

Louise de Everaux is an early 12th Century Anglo-Norman lady who just learned that she had a sister her father never told her about.

Louise Thorne is an associate at Nordstroms Indianapolis.

Moriz von Nordlingen is a German soldier-of-fortune who found that going Crusading against the Baltic Pagans was "prudent".

Maurice McClung is employed by the Treasury Department's Office of Thrift Supervision.

Ian Gordun "called Tireless" is a brother squire to Padruig also journeying to the Holy Land.

John Givens is a supervisor with the Indianapolis Water Company.

Geogri Chukov & Ursula Benz : Georgi is a 13th Century man-at-arms in the service of the Prince of Novgerad who went Crusading to avoid the Mongols. He met Ursula Benz in the Holy Land, and learned that love can conquer all barriers, even language.

John & Gina Nepsa are a pair of sickeningly cute newlyweds.

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