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The Origin of Captain Caywick
and Pirates in House De Tyre
as told to Peter der Ober by Captain Caywick
Once upon a time at a Pennsic a few years back a small loud and boisterous group of house De Tyre members were out and about seeing what was to be seen, well to tell the truth they were

getting merrily sloshed and looking for a party. Ursula, Louise, Caywick, and some nameless others

(actually Caywick can't remember who all was there, as she was too fershnockered ) made up the

wild and rowdy group.  They were walking down to Vlad's party palace and being extreamly

rowdy, as drunken house De Tyre women are known to be, when suddenly Caywicks throat

became parched and in need of liquid refreshment.  She staggered to an abrubt stop and shouted

loudly "STOP !!!! everyone take a drink !!!"  There was much laughing and everyone drank. Then

they got even sillier, if that is at all possible, as they continued their trek in search of Vlad's and a

wild party.  They were talking about silly mundane things, and lo Caywick once again stummbled to

a halt and shouted "STOP!! take a drink !!! "  There was much laughing and everyone drank.  Then

someone said Caywick was sounding like Captain Caveman.  They all laughed and there was much

more carrying on untill Caywick raised her tankard to the stars and yelled


and that was how Captain Caywick came to be and how pirates began in house De Tyre !!!

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