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          by lord Jared

This is the Script for Baronial Court at Better War Through Archery and pretty close to how events happened.
We did get a baronial letter of marque as well as a promise to help further our cause with the crown of the Middle Kingdom. A good portion of the crew was in attendance, including the ancor mate Evan(9months old) who I managed to hold  while I read the script in Court - Cabin Boy Ober

Well, first you all get called.  All of you except the ones holding me of course go up.  Ober begins by saying "Baron and Loyal Subjects of the Barony of Sternfeld.  It has come to our attention that in the time where the Spanish Main is such a plunderous time that you have no way to get a piece of the wealth that is being mined from this new world. Knowing this, the Honorable Pirate Captain Caywick and her crew offer her ship and services.

"But the captain is in need of friendly ports in which to sell her booty and repair her ship. This is why an audience with the Baron was in order.  For it is known that the Captain has already procured a backing in the kingdom of Drachenvald, but has yet been able to sucure placing in the Middle Kingdom until, we hope now.  To make that this business arrangement is valid, we have
brought a sample of the wealth that we have procured on our last trip. (play whistle, chest of gold thingies comes in, show to Baron and the Barony).

Also, to prove our stealth we show you pants we have stolen, uhh I mean procured from members of the barony <crew holds up pants they brought> we will kindly return them to their right full owners after this arraignment is complete.....

As you can see, this would be a worthwhile agreement...But that is not all.  We have also found and I use found loosely here, my baron, someone that was a part of the barony and has long since lost.  Oh yes, we have found a member of this barony that we felt should return to Sternfeld.  This return was not easy, but do not fear. Through much persuading and many lashes from the whip I must admit we have brought this person back .... (play whistle - two guys (forcefully bring me in with mask).  We offer this pirate for the juggling entertainment of the barony. (Remove mask and put on jester hat.  Give me three juggling balls.  I juggle for a bit.) Take him away.

All we ask for the loot, the pants and the jester is a simple Letter of Marque so that we may raid in these wealthy times...

But if you want the second installment of the riches we have found, we ask that you put in a word to the King and Queen so that they might be able to partake in the riches of the Realm...

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