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From the Solar Vol 1.

Today I am quite sure I hear the robin.
Though the lark and nightingale remain silent,
surely Spring is near,
and in Spring a young De Tyre's heart turns to thoughts of Pennsic.

While it may be too soon to waterproof your tent, surveying the state of your other equipage is in order.  What repairs are needed to your armor, shield, weapons, cot, table, chairs, etc?  Can you even find everything?  Do you have enough garb that still fits? Blanket, cloak, sleeping bag?  Do you have a first aid kit (or at least a few Band-Aids and aspirin in a box)?

As I write, May 15 is 12 weeks away (that's two weeks before the money and registration has to be IN THE COOPER'S HANDS).If anyone cannot save up the $60 preregistration fee in 12 weeks--that's $5 a week, about 2-3 beers, one trip
to McD's, etc.--perhaps that person needs to consider whether he/she actually needs to go. Preregistration is NECESSARY, as it determines how much space we get to work with.  They won't give us extra for you if you pay at the gate.  Unless you like having less than six inches between your tent and the one next door where somebody's horking his guts out, PREREGISTER.

We (the advance party) leave about 11 weeks after that.  The camp fee is $40.  That's $3.64/wk.  Once again, if you can't come up with that on top of the other expenses, maybe you can't afford to go. Please don't expect your friends to finance your vacation.  It's unfair to them, and (in many cases) they have their own expenses to deal with.
Now is a great time to start physical training.  That's diet, exercise and water, water, water.  Not beer, not Coke, not Hawaiian Punch, WATER. Without Scotch.  Get used to the taste and drink a lot of it.  You'll stay on your feet longer on the field and off.

That's enough for now.  Stay well.



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