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The story of Lady Sophia of Sternfeld
Sophia Von Metten was born to a tavern wench as the product of a lustful night with a baudy pirate named Neptunalis Von Metten.  Sophia lived with her mother in a tavern in the Dutch shipping port of Rotterdam.  She sometimes made trips out to the small fishing villiage of Scheveningen where her mother was raised.  Sophia's maternal grandfather was orignially Spanish, but was washed up on the shores of Holland after his ship went down on a fishing voyage.
Sophia learned the trade secrets of being a tavern wench from her mother.  Being able to survive and not get pregnant at every turn were skills she learned right along with dancing and playing music.  Her mother died when she was 13, so she left home vowing never to return to Holland.  She met up with a traveling band of entertainers and traveled with them learning their trades.  Many years later she met her father in a port city tavern.  Their meeting was not warm, but Neptune did tell her of her paternal family back in Austria.  He offered to take her there and indtroduce her to her grandfather, Brudder Johann Von Metten.
Upon meeting Johann, Sophia knew she'd found a family.  Neptune left again to return to the seas, but it mattered little to Sophia.  Her new grandfather had provided her with a warm home and plenty of family to keep her company.  Brudder Johann taught her to read and write and attempted to ready her for a life in a nunnery.  He taught her lessons as much as he dared, but she resisted taking vows she did not believe she could keep.  They struggled for years over this untill a man came into town by the name of Doctor Henry Best.  He was an Englishman with an eye for business, and Brudder Johann bought an apprenticeship with him for Sophia.
So, to this day, Sophia travels with Dr. Best as he directs his business accounts throughout Europe.  She is helpful and entertaining to him and often can be found reliving her youth in a tavern somewhere attempting to avoid the watchful eye of her master.
(In SCA terms, Sophia is proteged to Dr. Henry Best, Master of the Pelican in the Service of Autocratting.  She is the Dance Mistress of Sternfeld, director of the musical ensemble Musica Subterranea, and creator and three time autocrat of the event The Cloved Orange Ball.  She and Henry also encourage and organize fools and performers in the SCA.)

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