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As I walked across this land one dark winters day
I found not a pict left to stand in my way
and wile they fought and died to the last man
they had one basic flaw, they had no battle plan

First it was the Celts who came to take the land
they came across the eastern sea with bronze in their hands
and as the picts stormed the walls they could not understand
how bronze cut through their woad, like time through a man

Then came the Romans from many leagues away
first they slaved the Celts then made them pay
then to the north the eagle tried to fly
but after three hundred years, they bled that buzzard dry

Then came the Saxon and the Danish man
one thing in common they both wanted land
from the north and south together they did ride
and pushed the pictsh clans, into the western tide

Now its been eighthundred years since the picts used woad
late at nite you`ll hear their cries on the high road
though it took many years they finally have a plan
they’ll come for your soul, in the dream land
they’ll come for your soul, in the dream land

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