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The Queen's Favor
by Peter der Ober

    On December 27th, 1997 tragedy struck the Middle Kingdom as the heir to the Dragon Throne Jafar al-Safa passed from this world.  His lady Kenna Harve bravely followed Jafar's wish and became sovereign Queen of the Middle Kingdom.
    My first official SCA event had been the Crown Tourney in Sternfeld that Jafar won.  As a new fighter to the SCA I never got the chance to know Jafar but was surrounded with stories and tales of his exploits on and off of the field.  My heart went out to his lady and the pain she must have braved to carry on as Queen with out him.
    The first day of battles at Pensic XXVII (my first Pensic) was incredible.  I was overwhelmed by the sheer number of people and fighters.  I was both nervous and excited about the coming battle.  As our house prepared to move into position with the Constellation army an excited hush fell over the area.  I turned around to see the Queen heading towards our house with a small following.  The household members quickly bowed or took a knee as her Majesty circulated among us handing out favors, a small pink pieces of cloth decorated with a salamander or other small device in remembrance of Jafar.  She was fighting back tears as she handed me mine.  As I pinned the favor to my tabard and fought back my own tears I was again humbled by the strength and bravery of this young lady.
    I later learned that she had favors made and given to all of the middle kingdom fighters, but had chosen to personally deliver the ones to House De Tyre.
    I wore that favor for the rest of war and today it is my most treasured souvenir from my first war.  As I write this I am struck by the strength of the memory and emotions that they evoke even today.

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