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House De Tyre's Armor Links
*disclaimer* Comments should not be taken as an endorsment by House De Tyre, Robert De Tyre, or the maintainer of this web page, in fact they shouldn't be taken as endorsments of anykind.

Albion Armorers:  is a supplier of reenactment supplies and museum quality collector's items.

Anshelm Arms:  Sir Luther Anshelm of the SCA's site for arms, armour, weapons and accessories for the discriminating reenactor.  Two of our household members fight in helmets built by Anshelm Arms!

Archangel Armoury:  These guys collaborate with Talon Armoury.

The Armory:

The Armory Of Weslig Stjenne:  They have a variety of really good quality SCA armour at reasonable prices.

The Armour Store:

Arms & Armor Homepage:

Blackthorne Armoury:

Christian Fletcher Arms:

Craig Nadler's Homepage(Sinric Mailweaver)

Crazy Andy's Discount Gauntlet World! Just gauntlets

Darkheart Armoury: Vicount Morgan d'Antioche's armour site. Good quality, well-made, custom built SCA armour at good prices.

Darksword Armoury:

Decordene Wire Works:  Charles De Cordene makes an excellent aluminum hauberk.

Dragonfire Custom Maille (riveted):

Eagle's Talon Armory:

Hammer Head Armory:

The Hammered Wombat's Page Of Wonders:  This guy does neat armour and is funny, too!

Heimrick Armour:

Iron Tower Armouries:

James River Armouries:

Kingslayer Armoury Products Page:

Les Armures Dube:

Manning Imperial:  This is an Australian armourer, dealing with armour and other kit.

Silk Road Designs Armoury: Specializing in Steppe-culture, Middle Eastern and Eastern armour.  A must-see for those Arab, Turk and Mongol persona-types!

Skullworx Custom Chain Maille: Specializing in rivetted stainless mail and other products.

South Tower Armouring Guild:

Talon Armoury:  Master Glendour Pendragon from Calontir has been in the business for some years (in a low-key capacity).  Very nicely done equipment, and he does more than what's shown on the website.

Truehearth Armoury Home Page:

Twilight's Door:

Valentine Armouries Homepage:

Wise Ogre Armoury: 

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