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House De Tyre's Merchant Links
*disclaimer* Comments should not be taken as an endorsment by House De Tyre, Robert De Tyre, or the maintainer of this web page, in fact they shouldn't be taken as endorsments of anykind.

Alastair's Footwear is a medieval and renaissance shoe cobbler.

Albion Armorers:  is a supplier of reenactment supplies and museum quality collector's items.

Anshelm Arms:  Sir Luther Anshelm of the SCA's site for arms, armour, weapons and accessories for the discriminating reenactor.  Two of our household members fight in helmets built by Anshelm Arms!

The Armory Of Weslig Stjenne:  They have a variety of really good quality SCA armour at reasonable prices.

Boots by Bohemond Custom handmade leather boots, shoes, and footwear

Bows by Kassai:  Horsebows imported from Hungary by Master Giles Devon

Calontir Trim A wide variety of trims, from simple cotton weaves to elaborate byzantine borders.

The Celtic Cottage carries a wide variety of Irish made gifts, foods, books, and jewelry.

Chivalry Sports Chivalry Sports specializes in Medieval and Renaissance merchandise for re-enactment, fantasy games, classical theatre, and historical recreation.

Crimson Chain Armory:  Swords, leather goods and other items.  These people carry the Iberia Ritter line of weapons.
E-mail is

Darkheart Armoury:  Vicount Morgan d'Antioche's armour site. Good quality, well-made, custom built SCA armour at good prices.

Diane's Honey  sells honey, Honey Stix and 100% Beeswax candles. A sweetheart of a lady. Look for her at most Indiana events.

Decordene Wire Works:  Charles De Cordene makes an excellent aluminum hauberk.

Drachenstein Treasures  Master Lothair makes many of the crowns and coronets seen around the society.

Firemountain Gems an online source of gemstones and beads

Gaukler Medieval Wares  Yet another dealer in fine replica jewelry and antiquities from the Dark Ages to the Rennaissance.

The Hammered Wombat's Page Of Wonders:  This guy does neat armour and is funny, too!

Historic Enterprises: These people offer armour, clothing and accessories of the finest quality.  Expensive, but good.

Keystone Creations Neoprene Rubber Weapons mentioned in the Earl Marshalls letter in the pale a few months back

Kris Cutlery's World of Swords and Daggers  a handmade Sword and dagger merchant

Metallic Turk: Ustad Hasan "the Dredded's" page, featuring cast medallions, belt findings and other products.

The J. P. Morgan Library Bookstore  A good source for reference material.

Medieval Reproductions: A good web page with some spiffy stuff, check out their artworks page

Missing Link Ironworks  another good merchant, much better in person than this web site

NATIVEARTH Footwear & Accessories Home Page

Oxbow Books Here you can look through thousands of archaeology, classics and medieval titles.

Panther Primitives a great source for medieval tents and pavillions.

Phoenix Textiles Fine Fabrics at Wholesale Prices

The Real Leather People:   The absolute best prices for leather and leatherworking goods.  E-mail is <>

Renaissance Dancewear Tights codpieces, etc

Sewing Central/Merlion's Tail:   Lady Elisee' de Lyonnais' site for fabrics (cottons, silks an embroidered), plus they
carry period patterns and service sewing machines.  Email is <>

Silk Road Designs Armoury: Specializing in Steppe-culture, Middle Eastern and Eastern armour.  A must-see for those Arab, Turk and Mongol persona-types!

Skullworx Custom Chain Maille: Specializing in rivetted stainless mail and other products.

Sofi's Stitches Wonderous garb, especially dresses, seen on many of the finest Ladies in the Midrealm

Son of Sandler, Inc.:  Maker of fine custom period footware

Spinning Winds Pavilions Another Tentmaker

Talbot's Fine Accessories: Douglas and Amy Strong's medieval antiquities and replica site, filled with a variety of replica buckles, buttons,  jewelry, books other items.

Tentsmiths : Sturdy tentage and sutlery supplies at reasonable prices. 

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