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This page is underconstruction in the future we hope to have more information, pictures and links.  The House De Tyre page has many articles and links that are related to Templars.  Eventually they will be linked to this page.

Being a listing of the brothers in the chapter-house

Haute Frere' Robert' De Tyre, Castellan
Haute Frere’ Peter der Ober, Senechal
Haute Frere’ Richard de Tyre, Marechal
Haute Frere’ Alban Marshal, Gonfanonier
Sergeant Frere’ Lambertus der Basteln, Conestable
Sergeant Frere’ Arenvold von Grunhausen, Turcopolier
Confrere’ Sebastian von Drachenfels
Confrere’ Kristoff van der Ghent


We are members of the Baillie De Safad, a living history organization affiliated with the Commandery of Antioch and the Society for Creative Anachronism.  Our focus of study is the Crusader States in Palestine between Holy Week, 1147 (when the Order was given its distinctive red cross by Pope Eugenius III), and 1265 when the Castle of Safad fell to the Mamluk Sultan Baibars.  This focus is specifically pertaining to the Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and the Temple of Solomon, its allies and enemies.

The historical castle of Safad was given to the order in 1240.  A strong garrison of about two hundred Templar Knights and Sergeants manned Safad.  There was also a large contingent of Turcopole cavalry.  Total wartime complement could be at need swelled to over two thousand men.  This castle protected the northern Galilean foothills, and guarded the approaches to the cities of Acre and Tiberias.  Its highly strategic location on the frontier of the remnant Kingdom of Outremer made it a vital link in the defense chain around the Crusader States.

We endeavor to study and recreate the lifestyle, equipment, costume and weapons of members in the Order of the Temple.  We particularly focus on the society of these states during those crucial last years of the Crusader Kingdom of Outremer. We welcome people interested in personas that could have had a direct contact with the Crusader States, the Latin Kingdom of Cyprus and the Latin Empire of Romania.  We further welcome people who just want to learn more about the Crusades.