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Household Member Biographies
Bio's are in the order I recieve them.
If you are a household member and not on this page please mail your info to Ober.

Robert DeTyre (Patriarch): Robert is a Templar who has been on the Crusades for some time now. Due to his status, he has established his own fighting unit consisting of his personal Men-at-Arms.  He is currently squired to Sir Dagan du Darregone.
Robert Coleman is employed at Defense Finance Accounting Service, who is also a fighter, herald, artist, and armourer.
Audelinde VonMetten DeTyre (Matriarch): Audelinde is the youngest of Johann VonMetten's 12 children, with her twin brother Neptunalis. Due to strategic (and profitable) negotiations on her behalf with Lord DeTyre, the two have been happily wed since 1992.
Rebecca Coleman is civilain processing clerk for the US Army, who is a costumer and herald. She also enjoys writing filk songs and torturing everyone with her puns.
Padruig de Gordan is a young Scottish squire that went on one of the first crusades with his father (who was killed in battle) and Padruig was captured and enslaved. He became a warrior slave, a Mamluk. Padruig was later captured again in a battle with crusaders from Scotland where he was returned to his home. Padruig entered into the service of House DeTyre where he was elevated to the rank of Warlord (Second in command under Robert and Audelinde), and was later squired by Sir Ivar (Morgath) for his prowess in battle.
Pat Mills is employed by Praxair Surface Technologies.
Moira Mathews (House Pursuivant): Moira is Audelinde's older cousin. Since she is currently widowed, she has sought the protection of her favorite cousin and her husband in their exciting household. She was recently betrothed to a romantic Greek merchant met during her travels.
Ellen Carrico is an Administrative Assistant, who enjoys costume research, cordial making, needlework, music and period cooking. She is also a deputy regional Pursuivant for the Constellation Region.

Cennedda ferch Mynedd damos Cladebos: Cennadda is an early 12th Century Welsh lady equally skilled in the arts of Arachne and Mars.
Kim Shumaker She is Apprenticed to Maestra Audrey Adelicia for Costuming.
Isungr-Edvardr Herbertson (late 11th Century) is the son of a prominent Norse ship builder who decided to go Viking. Current whereabouts are unknown, although he is heard to be serving the Emperor of Byzantium.  Recently he became a man-at-arms for Padruig
Ted Hucks is an associate at Nordstroms Indianapolis.
Caywick de Everaux is an early 12th Century lady of mixed Welsh/Norman parentage going on Crusade in search of her father -- who left no forwarding address.  On her way to the holy land she comandeered a ship, cristened it Caliente Puntas, and turned to a life of crime as a pirate.  Her and her hearty female crew now travel the seas insearch of men to press into service as cabin boys.  She is also a man-at-arms for Sebastian von Drachenfels
Amy Hucks is an associate at Nordstroms Indianapolis.
Louise de Everaux is an early 12th Century Anglo-Norman lady who just learned that she had a sister her father never told her about.
Louise Thorne is an associate at Nordstroms Indianapolis.
Moriz von Nordlingen is a German soldier-of-fortune who found that going Crusading against the Baltic Pagans was "prudent".
Maurice McClung is employed by the Treasury Department's Office of Thrift Supervision.
Ondarte de Clermont FKA Ian Gordun "called Tireless" is a brother squire to Padruig also journeying to the Holy Land.
John Givens is a supervisor with the Indianapolis Water Company.
Geogri Chukov  is a 12th Century Russian mercenary. He met Ursula Benz in the Holy Land, and learned that love can conquer all barriers, even language.
John & Gina Nepsa are a pair of sickeningly cute newlyweds.
Ursula Benz is a 12th century German crusader.
Gina Nepsa is an Office manager for General Drilling
Peter der Ober : Peter is a 12th century German crusader who joined the Templars at Tyre after the death of his Emperor Fredrick Barbossa.

Gene Peter  is a computer network technician and is working on updating this web page.

Elisenda Pelonegro de Cordoba von Metten : Elisenda is a 14th century Spanish born, Irish raised lady of the von Metten family.
Dawn Peter  married Gene in November of 1998.  She is a records clerk for a local insurance company and an new mom (Evan Lucas Peter was born May 13th, 1999).  She is also Minister of Children for the Barony of Sternfeld.
Katie is working on a persona.

Kathrine Ison has graduated and moved to Caid (California)

Ulfr Imason is a dane who fights in bright blue lamilar and is commonly known as Smurf.

Greg Capello

Astrid is a late 9th century Swedish Merchants daughter who is sometimes known as 'Smurfette (the evil....)'.

Laura Capello is lost somewhere in Norhtern Indiana

Sebastian von Drachenfels is an 11th century Frankish soldier in service to Baldwin of Eddessa during the 1st Crusade.

Paul Dance

Azrael Morgenstern  is a Jewish warrior living among the Mamlukein 1220, wondering how he gets into these situations.

Paul F. P. Pogue is a freelance journalist living in Muncie.

Kevona Brigitte von Metten is a 10th century Irish Lady in the court of Brian Boru

Heather Pogue is a medical student at IU School of Medicine, hoping to eventually memorize enough facts to become a pediatrician. Heather and Paul were married in 1998.

Matthias Rosenstern is an 14th century Austrian from Carinthia, the younger son of a minor noble family, trained in arms, who at 16 set out to seek his fortune (or sombody else's!).  He's worked as a mercenary and caravan captain, working his way around the Mediterranean.  He spent time in the Holy Land and was impressed by the culture.  He has a penchant for getting the job done by any means, and has dodged the Inquisition in the process.
Thomas Andrew Ratz (known as Tiny) is geology and Palentholog major at Purdue University, hoping to graduate when before he is fifty.
Alban Richard Marshall is a Templar born in 1169.  He joined the Templars to avenge his father who was killed by Saracens while on pilgrimage to the Holy Land in 1171.  He has served in the Holy Land since landing with King Richard with the 3rd crusade.
Chris Head is a security consultant
Bran vo Lough Derg a late 9th century Irish Celt orphaned by Viking raiders along the southern shores of Lough Derg then raised by the monks of Kill Dalua. At the age of 12 Flannan, Abbot of Kill Dalua determined he could
better serve the church at a distance, the greater the distance the better. So ... he was adopted into the Dalcassian clan in the kingdom of Thomond were he now serves the Ard Ri ,Brian Boru.
Kelly Burgess
Rowena Lindsey is the eldest daughter of a minor noble whose lands border the Daneslaw during 950.  Rowena is apprenticed to misress Audry Adelecia of Canterbury and is a squire of Baron Master Erik Dwoeraxe.

Linda Lindsey is a registard nurse at Union Hospital in Terre Haute.  She also has BS's in social science education and history.

Lucia Elena Beatrice Braganza is Audelind Von Metten's second cousin, the oldest daughter of Audelind's father's twin sister.  She is a calligrapher/illuminatrix in the Metten Abbey Scriptorium, having been sent there to learn patience and restraint after an unfortunate incident with her now-late first husband and a soup ladle.  Besides kitchen implements, she is also fairly apt at wielding arrows, puns, and her great-aunt's fiddle.
Kathi Coutinho is a meandering ecologist and weedslayer of greatness, currently working for the state government.  Be afraid.
Sophia Von Metten was born to a tavern wench as the product of a lustful night with a baudy pirate named Neptunalis Von Metten.  Sophia lived with her mother in a tavern in the Dutch shipping port of Rotterdam.  Sophia is proteged to Dr. Henry Best, Master of the Pelican in the Service of Autocratting.  She is the Dance Mistress of
Sternfeld, director of the musical ensemble Musica Subterranea, and creator and three time autocrat of the event The Cloved Orange Ball.  For a more complete version click here
Lara Coutinio
Rhos Thorgrimeban snuck abort a viking raiding ship in 718 at the age of 10.  He was discovered and thrown overboard as the ship rounded the south of england.  Adopted by a Yeoman family in Bath he served as the only son of the family.
Scott Tolle works in fireberglass manufacture.
Morgan DeVille is a 14th century Frenchman fightiung with the English at Aquataine due to English Family ties.  He is squired to Sir Lothar Nachshatten
Ric Cassell is a sales rep for an Employment newspaper and an ICe Hockey goalie when not in armor.

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