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Pictures divided by event, most recent at the top
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* Pictures by Diana the Honey Lady see the link on our links page
% Pictures by Azreal morgenstern

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Spring Crown Tourney May 1999
Padruig and Caywick
Captain Caywick
Captain Caywick and Astrid
Captain Caywick
Padruig and Caywick

Baron Wars May 1999
This is a test. This is only a test. If you were really this close to Ursula, she'd have already wrap-shotted you by now.%
Spearman Georgei ready for action.%
Go ahead. *You* tell him he has an attitude problem.%
Fearless Leader Padruig in armor outside the fort.%
Smurfette in a pensive moment at the fortress wall.%
Smurf and Smurfette get cute. Just wait. It gets worse in the next one.%
See? Told you so. (Kidding, I'm kidding...)%
Yet another pic of the lovely Smurfette.%
Georgei gets to work in the spear wall outside the fortress.%
A closeup. Zoom lenses are your friend.%
Let's play "Who's More Grizzled?" Rhos ...%
.... Or Padruig? You decide.%
Georgei and Ursula, watching each others backs.%
And another view.%
Georgei and Ursula. You know. Them.%
Late at night in the fortress, we were visited by a number of travelling performers, including the amazing Fire Breather ...%
...and the equally astonishing Fire Juggler.%

Baronial Championship May 1999
Ivar and Padruig discuss the tourney while Torquil gives Ober the Axe
Padruig and Bjorn (aka Duncan)
Demitrius and Lucia
Alban and Thorvald
Ursala and Throvald
Ulfr and Alban
Ober and Ursala
Torquil and Padruig
Torquil and Padruig
Georgi and Alban
Padruig and Thorvald(sp)
Pre tourney fighter briefing
Pre tourney fighter briefing
Georgi and Duke Sir Palamar practice
Sir Ivar and Ulfr warm up
Ulfr and Thorvald(sp) in the finals
Ulfr looks down at the defeated Padruig
Sgt Padruig and Ulfr
Sgt Padruig and Ober
Baron Ian and Ulfr both have lost a leg
Baron Ian and Ulfr
Ober and Torquil(sp)

Mayfaire May 1999
Sir Lothar gets eeeevil with Cap'n Caywick and Weezer.%
Crisis of Infinite Teddys: Human & dog square off in a barking contest for the rights to the name. So far the human's winning.%
Cap'n Caywick and her faithful sidekick Weezer navigate their way through ... well, nothing. It's a posed picture, after all.%
Our Fearless Warlord Padruig takes a pensive moment as he finally realized the sort of people he's associated himself with.%
Striking a pose: The fearless Cap'n Caywick prepares to spread mayhem on the high seas.%
A closeup of the Cap'n so you can get a look at her authentic Pirate Snarl.%
Weezer looks so innocent, doesn't she?%
See? Innocent and harmless. Heh.%
Here's our innocent friend with her main squeeze, Moriz. He's grinning because he knows the innocent bit is all an act :).%
John Paul fighting Ulfr*
John Paul Takes a breather*
Baroness Pricilla and John Paul*
A knightly discussion between Sir Alan and Sir Lothar*
Bran makes sure his helmet is screwed on tight*
Alban, Bran, Ober, and Rhos*
Bjorn, Baron Ian, and Sir Alan*
Ulfr, Albin, Padruig, Bran, Azrael, Ober, Isunger, and Rhos*
Lord Geoffry and Baron Ian*
Fighter discussion prior to Melee*
Sir Lothar instructs his men.*
Lord Geoffry instructs his men*
Lord Geoffry leads his men into battle*

Lets be Frank April 1999*
Lady Rowena
Another picture of Lady Rowena
A group of Sternfeld fighters prepare for Melee
Elisenda, a week before her due date, and Astrid
Louise, Elisenda, and Astrid
Tante Megan and Lady Audelinde
Lady Audelinde
A group of fighters prepare for Melee
Lay on! A Bridge Battle

Grand Tournament of the Unicorn March 1999
Weezer and Captain Caywick
Ulfr (aka smurf) receiving the house champions tabard
    (L>R Ulfr Albin Sebastian and Padruig)
De Tyre team one pairs off with thier opponents
    (L>R DeTyre only: Sebastian, Ulfr, Padruig, and Bran)
De Tyre Team one takes the field
    (L>R De Tyre only: Padruig, Ober, Sebastain, Bran(look close) and Ulfr)

Pennsic XXVII
Captain Caywick and her Cabin Boy Johannas Pensic XXVII
Bigmen at Pensic XXVII L>R Lord Robert, Duke Moonwolf, Baron Eric (back to the camera), Baron Cavron, Lord Jamie and ?
Cafe Jafar Pensic XXVII
Corwin, Robert, and Moritz Pensic XXVII
Robert gets a shave
Rune Stone at Pensic
Rune Stone at Pensic
Geoffrey de Leon Pensic XXVII
Lucia Pensic XXVII (1998)
Padruig and Isungr prepare for the woods battle under the De Tyre banners
Diana with a funny look on her face.
    Waterbearing for the woods battle
Isungr gets a drink before theWoods battle
Cennedda "eeew! is that Penisc water?"
Moriz getting water.
Padruig prepares to lead the troops.
    L>R Rhos, Alban, Padruig, Geogri, and half of Ober's head.
Quintin and Ursala prepare for battle.
    Check out Quintin's shiny scale armor
Quintin and our Mercenaries at the woods battle
    (Quintin's 'Injury' is only makeup he used as part of his effort to enlist the aid of the Mercenaries)
Quintin prepares for a mercenary recruiting mission.
Waiting for the woods battle
Ursala prepares for battle in her lamelar armor.
Ober (on the right) puts on his war face before a field battle.
    (the spot on his face is on the picture hopefully I will have a replacement soon)
The entrance to camp De Tyre
    We cooked and gave away 500 lbs of Ribs at Pensic XXVII
    We plan on doing at least that much again this year!
Jack and Caywick (she likes to show off her tongue)
    Captain Caywick has one of the original pirate cords in her hair.
Ursala, Geogri, and Louise prepare for bad garb nite
Quintin and Georgi discuss the finer points of wearing a red teddy.
Ober gets ready for bad garb night
Moriz and Louise prepare for bad garb nite
Ursala with her mace, and Captain Caywick (her back to us) at the Ladys Tournament
Isunger and Padruig are ready for bad garb nite
Captain Caywick are you ready for bad garb nite?

Simple Day July 1998
Moritz and X Simple Day 1998
Court Simple Day 1998
Ustad at Simple Day 1998
Group Shot Simple Day 1998

Afonlyn event in Anderson October 1997
Captain Caywick
Caywick in her De Tyre hat and Spiffy ring mail
    Is that gorget made entirely out of duct tape?
Elisenda with flowers in her hair
Lord Robert surveys the field.
Rowena prepares for battle.
Caywick, with tape on her nose and her tongue out, and Sebastion

Pensic XXV
Robert looking spiff, which he does very well.
The household, at Pennsic XXV.
Cisco De Tyre
Some Fighting Women from house De Tyre Pennsic XXV
(front row left to right: Ursala, Caywick,Else)
(back row left to right: Rowena,Gwenfweyree,Amanda)
Lord Robert in Tempalr garb taking a nap with his Teddy Mace
Two crusaders fresh from the Holy Land
    (Robert and Moriz)
Come Eat My Ribs!
250 Pounds O Ribs but not a great pic
A lance of DeTyre fighters in front of the Entrance to our Camp
De Tyre prepares to take the field.

Elisenda in armor at a Sternfeld fighter practice.