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Calendar of Events

The following is the list of events that House DeTyre intends to make a "presence" at. For the most part, these are events in the Midrealm, but some may be outside, and these will be noted.

A star next to an event means that Lord Robert considers this the key event for the month for DeTyre to be at. 

If you need any additional information regarding these events, please contact 
Lord Robert, Lord Padruig, or Peter der Ober
-- or check the Midrealm Calendar page.

House practices are most Sundays during the fairer months at 2pm at Ellenberger Park weather permitting. You don't have to be a house member to attend, please contact a house member before hand to find out where we'll be. 

April Events
1 Grand Tournament of the Unicorn {Unicorn} [Oxford, OH]
1 Year 2000 Heraldic & Scribal Symposium {Shadowed Stars} [Ft. Wayne, IN]
8 THE Spring Event in Rivenstar - A Dutch Treat {Rivenstar} [Lafayette, IN]
14-16 Blackstone Raid IX {Blackstone Mountain} [Sissonville, WV]
29 House Championship/Sternfeld Boy Scout Demo
29 CORONATION {Roaring Wastes} [Detroit, MI]

May Events
6 This Land is Our Land, Too {Shadowed Stars} [Huntington, IN]
12-14 Mayfair {Kilcolum (spon. Mynydd Seren)} [Edinburg, IN] 
12-14 Baron Wars  [Ft Meigs, OH]
28 Crown Tournament {Dark River} [Quad Cities, IL]

June Events
3   Melee in the March & Rose Tournament {Tirnewydd} [Columbus, OH]
Baronial Birthday {Sternfeld}[Indianapolis, IN]
9-11   Clown Tourney {Narrental} [Peru, IN]
23-25 Border Raids {Dragon's Mark/Val d'Azure} [Radcliff, KY]

July Events
14-15 Swine & Roses {White Waters} [South Bend, IN]
28-30 A simple Day in the country {Sternfeld} [Indianapolis, IN]

August Events
4-19  Pennsic War XXIX {Debateable Lands, Aethelmearc}[Cooper's Lake, PA]

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