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Household News

Watch this space for recent Info and House News.
Disclaimer - I (Ober) am not a journalist or a particularly good writer.  I am easily confused and my spelling leaves much to be desired.  I beg forgiveness in advance for any offense this may cause, please know that it is not intentional.

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In the last few weeks I have done quite a bit of work on the web page, including adding sub-pages for the Baillie and Caywick's Pirates.  The Links page has been divided into pages by catagory (for the most part) and I've added a lot of links.  The roster has been updated, but still is lacking lots of info.  I still have a few pirate pics to upload, some articles to format, and probably another 50 links to add. Hopefully I'll get to that by the end of this month.

Lambertus, Elisenda, and Peter (me) made the long drive to WV for an AWESOME event.  We arrived early Friday afternoon setup camp and hung around.  There was a pretty good party that evening where Elisenda distributed Smurf's Blood.  I got up and into armor for Saturdays 4 Melee battles.  The first battle was an open field battle which we won.  The second battle was the castle battle, unfortunately we were unable to take the castle in the time allowed and lost this one.  The third battle was a bridge battle that didn't last much past the initial charge when we simply overran them.  The final Battle was the mine battle.  The Middle Kingdom led by Prince Dag was victorious again!  Weather was perfect for camping and fighting, the only things that would have made this an even better event would be 1) me not fighting with an ear infection, and 2) A larger De Tyre presence.

A DUTCH TREAT (the Rivenstar Event)
Padruig, Azreal, and Ivar all took Part in the Heavy Fighting,  Rowena fenced (I Think), Tryphina tought a class on egg dyeing and many many many house members were present for Court Where Captain Caywick recieved a letter of Marque from her Majesty. Reynoll of Sternfeld and Cathrine of the Snows both recieved Purple Frets

I am working on updating the web page after a few months of neglect.  I added a few new stories and songs to the Fireside page a couple of things to the Articles page, updated the biographies page, and updated the events page.

Another fun event attended by many House Members, Rowena fought in the Fencing List, Peter fought with house Drachenstien on one of their 5 man Melee teams.  Elsienda had a merchant table. Sophia, Meave, Malcom, Nencia also attended.

Household members attended a lot of events during this period including Gulf Wars, All Fighting no Fooling, and a Great event in Strikenwood. There was also a house meeting somewhere in here that I can't find any notes for.  We voted to add the office of exchequer and voted Ursala into the office.

Was a great day of Archery and Fun for all.  Captain Caywick and her crew recieved a letter of Marque from The Barony of Sternfeld at Baronial Court.

On Saturday, 22nd January, The Festival of Maidens and Tournament of Chivalry was held in the Barony of Wurm Wald (Champaign/Urbana, IL).  The household was well represented in the lists with Robert', Padruig, Isungr, Jean de Ville-Ste-Martin (formerly Ian Gordon "the Tireless") Morgan, Krystoff, Ulfr, Rhos, Rowena (in the fencing list) and Sebastian, serving as a heavy weapons marshal.  Others in the household present included Audelinde, Cecily Fletcher (a friend of the house), Genevieve, Maeve, Tigger and Duhglas.

Krystoff van der Ghent placed second in the Novice Tournament, and others among us learned a great deal from the assembled Midrealm chivalry and champions.  The event was capped with the knighting of Giovanni Allegri and Morgan de Ville accepting the belt of squire under Sir Lothar Nachtschatten (called "the Bald").  We all look forward to testing our skills on the archery butts at Better War through Archery in our home barony of Sternfeld on January 29th.

Was a huge success with tons of food, gallons of drink and great time.  We packed Moritz's house and had a great time. Next year we may have to rent a hall somewhere

Updated Roster Pages, Check top of second page for new link to information.

Updated News, Events and Links page.

This well attended Baronial Court was an excellent get together with Excellent food. Cathrine of the Snows Served as Autocrat and helped put together a great evening.  Court was punctuated by Cathrine being installed as the Light Champion and Lord Robert being installed as the Baronial Heavy Champion.  Bronwyn de Saint Jeanne's Way was inducted into the Golden Tower and Peter der Ober and Elisenda Pelonegro De Cordoba von Metten both received the Nova  a Baronial Award for services as web minister and minister of children respectively.


Sternfeld's Baronial Championship took place with 7 fighters taking the field.  Including Lord Robert De Tyre, Padruig Milne De Gordon, Peter der Ober, and Georgi Chukov from house De Tyre. The finals came down to Lord Robert and Thegn Ian MacChatain, who chose to fight a single elimination bout for the Championship.  After a well fought battle Lord Robert used a shield press and rap to the back of the helmet to win.

On 4th December, a pair of tournaments were held in the Lands of the Barony of the Flame.  Those members of House De Tyre present were Lord Robert’ and the Lady Audelinde, Kristoff van der Ghent, Laird Malcolm McLosen and the Lady
Tryphina de Silva.  There was a novice tournament in which Kristoff van der Ghent excelled in all of his bouts, only being defeated in the finals.  His tenacity, courtesy and prowess did reflect great honor upon him.  Lord Robert’ advanced to the fifth round of the Christmas Tournament.

Lord Robert’ and Lord Accolon Shadowhawk renewed a challenge bout from the Flame Christmas tournament and after a noble contest a plaisance with counted blows, Robert’ emerged victorious.

The De Tyres remained for feast, a marvelous repast of fresh greens, bread with raspberry butter and herb butter, cooked greens with capons and rice, roasted kine with sauce, silvered candied almonds and a cooling lemon sherbet to drink.  The meal was finished with biscotti and fresh pears.  The entertainment was lavish, the tales were bold and the dancing lasted late
into the evening.

Later that evening, Robert’ and Audelinde were the guests of Lord Geoffrey de Mandragora and his Lady Maria von Metten, taking advantage of the heated baths in their manor.   After breaking their fast with huevos con carne and al-khaff, they journeyed home to prepare for Boar’s Head.

A well attended tourney with at least 15 household fighters and 2 guest warriors fought a William Marshal Tourney.
Before the tourney we gathered together and made Duhglas Napier a house member.  In the end  Krystoff van der Ghent won out over Isungr-Edvardr Herbertson in the finals.  The semi finalists were Azrael Morgenstern and Moritz von Noerdlingen.  After the tourney we met for dinner and a house meeting where we discussed upcoming events and made 2 more new members, Tigger and Raibert Lok De La Hay.  We also installed Krystoff as House Champion and Rowena Linsey as Ladies Champion.


Web page updated!
I've moved all the pictures to the new Dencity address. the links to the gallery will automatically take you there.
This will free up quite a bit of spice on the Tripod account and I will be adding some new articles, book reviews and other items as I get them done.

Barony of the Flame (in) Clarksville, IN
by Robert De Tyre

HOUSE DE TYRE fielded seven fighters, plus three other members came to attend this windup tournament of the melee’ season.  This tournament was a Pas’de Arms style, in which a group of Tenans (defenders) would take the field to face three Venans (or challengers) bearing weapons of peace (e. g., sword and shield, weapon and shield).  Victory conditions for each round called for three counted, unobstructed blows to one’s opponent.

This was followed by a combat over a wooden barrier, with teams of five fighters using  pole-weapons and spears.  No blows were permitted below the barrier, and, as in the previous rounds, three counted blows to one’s opponent signalled victory, with the last team standing the ultimate victors.

Their Excellencies, Earl Thorwald the Fair and Baron Sir Berach of Winterborne were cited as most chivalrous, and House De Tyre was singled out by their Excellencies of Flame for various token of exteem.  Everyone enjoyed the day, and we all look forward to visiting the Barony of the Flame in December.

Pensic War!
We had a great time with a large turnout.  RIB NIGHT was again a success. Templar's overran the camp?

A Simple Day in the Country

We had a great household turn out and a large house encampment.  A large majority of household members were in attendance although not everyone fought.
Fighting Simple Day was hampered by intense heat.  Many different battles were fought with side DeTyre and Sternfeld for the most part on one side and Darkmoon on the other.  The fighting was finaly called due to the heat, but for the most part fighters seemed to have a good time, and were united in their hate for the combat archer.  Rhos also picked up his great sword authorization.  Peter worked on his MIT doing both inspections and acting as a field marshall.
Here is my (Captain Caywick's) version of the events that took place during Afternoon Court at simple day ...
De Ttyre pledged to fight with the Barony of Sternfeld and gave Baron Erik tabards as a token of freindship , to be redistributed to fighters at pensic ....all fighters that were fighting with the barony were called up and given a
stick of rattan as appreciation from the baron , i believe we feilded 6 sticks for our house......Padruig presented the winner of the torchlite tourney with their prize , a hand carved box made by Caywick and Isungrs mom and stained by Padruig , with 2 nice candles inside , i beleive they were from Kevona ......Kevona was called up to receive her aoa , but wasnt there so it was presented to her at De Tyre court sat. night .....we also won best encampment and Padruig (busy man) was presented with a banner to hang till next year ....Cynnedda was made regional chirugen , way to go Cynnedda!!! Rhos was called up in front the King of Drachenwald and presented with a token for his fighting abilities.....

Here is my version (Captain Caywicks) of what took place sat. Night @ simple day .....
The night started off with a detyre court were heather received her aoa from Robert and Lynn and the big event of rhos and reas wedding ......after that the partying began ...... there was much dancing and drinking and
merriment to be had by all ......I held the pirate tourney (plank walk, boffer cutlass) and it was well played
... the winner of the women's tourney was Juliana, she won a dance off between her and first mate Weezer ...
the winner of the men's tourney was lambertuss, he won a best of 3 against Bran.....
There was also 3 seperate contests - best garb, most honorable or dishonorable, and best kiss up (my fav. part of the evening) best garb winner was Douglas (jack) and he didn't win just because he is my half bro. or also a man at arms to Sebastian like me ...... Oh did i forget to mention earlier in the day Sebastian asked me to be his man at arms ....anyway, the winner of most honorable was a young man named William Richard's who kindly and honorably explained that he was newly engaged and couldn't take part in the kiss up contest ... not that he didn't want to ...aaawww how sweet the winner of best kiss up, now that one was a little harder to decide since
the points were written all over the page ... but after much tallying and many offers from the men the winner of best kiss up was lambertus.....After all that I was wore out and resided to a seat and did much talking and
visiting with many bottles, umm I mean people ...... there was more great dancing and lots of depancing (Aaaaaaaarrrrrrggggggg) including the King of Drachenwald's which were placed on my head as I danced around the fire, he was much impressed by our fun and said he felt at home with us......Well, we partied in to the night in true detyre fashion, losing some to warm fluffy tents as the night went on .....but I believe we all had a great time
..... and thetas my story and I'm stickin to it !!

Swine and Roses Report by Kevona.
I was the last arrival at about 11 PM on Friday.  We gathered around Smurf's tent (he had brought a table) and talked and drank long into the night -"we" being Rhos, Rhea , Smurf, Jack, Demetrius, Sebastian, Sebastian's friend Heather, and Kevona.
Saturday morn dawned bright and clear - and reasonably cool, as various members of the household had had the foresight to camp in the shade.  A trip to Land McDonald served to break the fast of several of us, and upon return the fighters started to don their gear to prepare for battle.  By this time morn was well on its way toward noon, and the humidity was terrible.  Fortunately the sky became overcast for most of this time.
Jack successfully re-authorized - I don't believe any of the others authorized in anything, although Sabastian was seen to wield a greatsword.
The general fighting then began.  The field was laid out in a maze-like pattern with a hut in the middle.  The goal of the first battle was to reach the hut and make it back out with sacks of loot that had been placed in it.  After this, there were several more battles, both resurrection and non, for various causes: to claim the most territory, to
fight to the death of the other team, ect. (The fighters can give more details here.)
The fighting then stopped as it began to rain. Upon return to camp it was discovered that Jack's tent had fallen as aresult of the wind, and in fact one of the 2x2's used as supports had broken.  His belongings were divided between tents.  A crisis also occurred with my tent (though I had not yet made it back to camp) as the wind threated to blow it over in spite of the stakes holding it down.  Members of the household saved my tent and my belongings from the wet, and later Jack spent a good deal of time pounding the stakes back into the ground.
The rain was mild, and soon ceased.  Around 4 PM we decided to seek out the swimming hole that was formed by a dam in the creek.  Several DeTyre's had great fun swimming, forming a human dam, and roughhousing in
the water.  Our retrospective enjoyment of swimming was dampened by a later announcement that raw sewage had been found flowing into the creek at 7PM.  Our devout hope was that the sewage had not been flowing any
Dinner was hot dogs graciously provided by Rhos and his lady.  A bit later, Amra and Palimar brought left-over beef stew and chicken from feast, which was delicious!!  Following dinner, we sat, drank, and chilled
until full dark.  During this time period, Jack developed a new drink called Bloody Stools which is actually quite yummy -ask him about it.
After full dark descended upon the site, two propane torches were set up on the field and an Icelandic wrestling competition held.  Hubah to Smurf, champion!!  As a prize he won an incredible bottle of mead, which
was quickly gone.  Unfortunately for others, Icelandic wrestling turned out to be hazardous, with Sabastian and Jack suffering injuries.  It was hazardous in other ways as well: Jack came very close to totally losing
his kilt, and a female wrestler wearing snap-pants nearly lost those as well.
After the Icelandic wrestling, a sumo competition began.  It was much safer and a lot of fun.  Octavian and Amra fought in the last matches with Amra emerging victorious. After this, general challenge matches began.  I left this part of the camp and followed the sound of drums, and played recorder with the Middle eastern party going on not far from DeTyre tents.  This lasted until about midnight.  I then joined DeTyre folk around Smurf's tent,
where we remininced about previous events and sang debaucherous songs.
In the morning breakfast was made by Rhos (thank you again!) in the form of pancakes.  After camp was broken down we went to Ponderosa and had a good meal together, then went home.

House Meeting

Charter - new and revised reviewed and ratified while Padruig's dog licked his feet
Role of house champion was discussed.

Officer/Council nominations and discussion

Office                                                Also nominated
Warlord - Padruig*
Chamberlin - Ober                            Isunger
Castellan - Sebastion                           Padruig, Azreal
Pursuivant - Caywick*                         Brent
Infirmarer - Cynnedda and Rowena
Draper - Elisenda
Quartermaster - Bran

*discussion/recomendation made by house, office appointed by fiat of Robert and Audelinde
other offices elected by majority vote of house

Charter was ammended to expand duties of Warlord to include presiding over council and buisness meetings.
Charter was ammended to add office of quartermaster with some duties being taken from Castellan and Draper.

Ursala is still working on getting house set up as non-profit organization, if we do this we will require an office of exchequer.

Tabard Sewing aiming for Sunday July 11th possibly at Moritz's new pad

Bleachery Run Robert and Audelinde to go June 28th 2nd run Kevona Robert and Elisenda, July 14th see them if you need any personal fabric picked up.

Pensic Planning

$40 by simple day for ribs wood and party supplies
Padruig is preordering ribs
Rivenstar will donate money and volunteers
others also expressed intrest (Pricilla and John Paul, Dag, Cavron and Crew, Omerand and Crew)
Audelinde suggested having pitch in box to help cover expences and for 2 chuck night
2nd seperate collection for 2 chuck night
Padruig and Quartermaster will be working on camp plan
Sebastion is not going so he'll be the one we toast instead of Bran
Elisenda will be sending some Smurf Blood
Simple Day
Bran and Cynnedda are Autocrats
Site prep afternoon, evening Sat July 10th after Speedway library demo
Barony needs help setting up pavillions
see Ober or Padruig if you need help, plan is to write a bunch on sewing day
Sebastion will be marshalling torchlight tourney
please everyone bring at least 1 torch.
prize is chipcarved box with scented candles
Party Xmas in July w/ Robert claus and Cheap toys, Ursala nominated and voted elf
need Heartburn Kitty Carols
Krystoff is party organizer
De Tyre Patches - current price is $1.75 if we order 200 decided to hold off collecting and raising money till after war.

Regalia need voluntters to do tabards for champions. Ursala to do fighting tabards, dawn to do spiff tabards.
Mens Black and Green Velvet, Womens Green and Burgandy velvet with Black trim.
Will work on new banners after war

Fealty, will discuss at a sunday practice, plan is to swear at Simple Day

Tourney of Swords will work on after war

Membership Discussion (If you are a house member see any of the House Council members for info)

No Date set for next house meeting, there will most likely be one at war, and possibly Simple Day or Before

Border Raids
An excellent time was had by all despite oppressive heat and humidity Friday and Saturday, and Rain Saturday Night and Morning.  We had 22 members at the event (Robert, Rebekah, Padruig, Bronwyn, Bran, Ulfr, Astrid, Demetrius, Sebastian, Alban, Isunger, Caywick, Lambertus, Rowena, Moritz, Ursala, Georgi, Peter, Elisenda, Thoraine, Louise, and Rhos) and fielded 13 fighters.  We had a large campsite and many Sternfelders and friends of the house camped near or with us.  The Midrealm Carried the Day winning 6 out of  7 heavy weapons battles over the kingdom of Meridies.  The fourth field battle was the Novice Champions battle, 20 fighters with under 2 years experience and King Ragnvaldr against the same from Meridies led by their king. 5 De Tyre fighters took part in this battle (Ulfr, Alban, Lambertus, Peter, and Rhos).  King Ragnvaldr asked Ulfr to fight at his side during the battle, and Rhos was monumental in our victory by defeating  a flanking movement by using his spear to kill 5 Meridies fighters.  After Court(s) and dinner we gathered for a house meeting (minutes to be posted soon).  Household court was convened about an hour after the house meeting broke up and began with recognizing Caywick as Our LAdies Champion.  We then brought 5 new members into the house,  lady Genevieve Alyna, lady Meave Ferchyavan,  lord Krystoff van der Ghent, lady Beverly, and Lord Reynoll of Sternfeld.  Next the appointed/elected members of the household council who were present were sworn in. This includes:
        House Warlord : Padruig
        House Chamberlain: Peter
        House Castellan: Sebastian
        House Pursuivant and Ladies Champion: Caywick
        Household Infirmarer: Rowena and Cynnedda(not present)
        Household Draper: Elisenda
        Household Champion and Quartermaster: Bran
Lastly Peter presented Lord Robert with a small gift of Spirits to continue the tradition of gift giving that was started when he joined the house. After court the revelry began.  Lord Robert, lord Alban, lord Peter, and lord Lambertus were present in Templar garb and endured much Peril, with lord Peter succumbing to sleep first, and Lord Robert sitting vigil over the campfire in the rain until the sun rose in the sky, at which point his lady woke him up and put him in bead.  The drumming, dancing, and drinking went on till early morning as De Tyre members friends and whoever happened to join in refused to let a lot of rain dampen their spirits.
House Roster and Newsletter
Ober passed out printed versions of the Roster and the second Edition of the House Newsletter
House Roster
  Ober posted the house roster to the web and has it finished for the most part.
House Championship
We held out semi-annual house championship Sunday the 13th.  There was a tremendous turn out with 18 fighters participating and lots of spectators and guests.  Azrael, Bran, Isunger, and Ulfer and Ober finished the 30 minute William Marshal Tourney with the most points.  Bran and Ober, Azrael and Isunger paired off for the finals.  Ulfer did not continue as he was the current champion.  Bran defeated Ober in 2 bouts, and Azrael defeated Isunger.  The final bouts between Bran and Azrael were exciting and well fought as Bran emerged victorious as the new house champion.  Caywick fought well and is the new uncontested Ladies Champion.  Other fighters taking part in the tourney included Lord Robert, Padruig, Morgan, Moriz, Rhos, Lambertus, Arenwald, Duhglass, Krystoff, Richard, Helmut, and Georgi.  Many Thanks to Ursala and Kevona for keeping track of points during the William Marshall tourney.
Rain forced us to move from the park to Padruig's house for a post tourney cookout/in and Household Court and Meeting.  Thanks to generous contributions we consumed much food and meat!  At Household court, Lord Robert thanked Ulfr for his service has house champion and passed the Champions Tunic and House Axe to Bran.  We also made two new members Ajeume De Tyre and Lambertus der Basteln.
Household meeting
Lord Robert went over the latest revision of the charter with the household, changes were discussed and final approval of the revised charter will be made at Border Raids.  Once the revised charter is approved it will be posted here on the web site.

Padruig encouraged everyone in the house to get spear and face thrust authorizations with the goal being 100% spears for the first charge into the woods at Pensic.  House camping fee for Pensic is $40 by simple day this goes toward wood, Rib Nite and other costs involved in the household encampment at war.  Also Padruig will be measuring tents at border Raides to set up a camp plan for Simple Day and War.  Hats are on the way, we should have them by simple day.

Kevona reported on the bleachery run, it was a success! Robert and Kevona plan another trip in mid July.  We will be having a tabard sewing party soon.

Ober talked and talked and rambled about all sorts of things including:
Web site:

Registering a name for the web site will be under $200
We still need Stories and Articles for the Fireside chat and Articles Page.
We still need Bio's from quite a few people for the bio's page.
Roster will be posted on the web site under a password protected page.
Padruig suggested a page with everyone's picture and name sort of like a class photo
Azrael is taking pictures
90% complete will attempt to get it posted and printouts made in the next week.
Friends of the house were encouraged to give Ober their information.
Ober is working on getting prices and information on new house patches.  The house decided to take donations toward a 200 patch order,  Ober will be collecting money for that.
War Boards
The key to a shield wall and our house fighting style as a heavy infantry unit is lots of large shields side by side.  Household fighters are encouraged to pick up war boards for use at practice.  Padruig will be bringing them to practice.
Azrael has been taking lots of photos and will continue to do so.  For a $10 contribution you can get a 8"x10" Photo of yourself and duplicate prints of all the other photos Azrael has taken of you.  Also if you are dressed up nice and spiffy (garb or armor) and want your picture taken, just ask, Azrael always has his camera.

Next house meeting at Border Raids!

Cloved Orange Ball

Padruig, Isunger, Ulfr, and many other house members attended and helped out directing visitors, acting as security and other activities.  Sophia put on a great event and fun was had by all house members attending.

Crown Tournament

Padruig fought valiantly for Caywick, but in the end Duke Finn was victorious and will be our next King.  Padruig and Caywick were attended by Isunger, Astrid, Ulfr, Alban, and Lambertus.  Less than 5 months till the next crown tournament here in Sternfeld.
Baronial fighter practice
Peter distributed the first house newsletter.  Work continues on the house roster.
Baronial Business Meeting
Peter der Ober was elected to the office of Baronial Web Minister.
Baron Wars
House De Tyre mustered twelve fighters for Baron Wars: Robert, Padruig, Isunger, Caywick, Georgi, Ursala, Rhos, Sebastion, Arenvold, Azrael, Ulfr, and Christoff.  The household gained much glory on the field.  Non-fighters attending included Rebecca, Astrid, Genebieve, and Rae. Saturday evening we got together with a number of old acquaintances (Ustad "the Dredded" Hasan and members of House von Drachenstein) and sang and drummed around the campfire all night...
Other than an incident with a passing drunk losing his supper all over one of our fighter's armour-bag (for which the offended party swore eternal vengeance), the weekend was a delightful one.
New Addition to the house!
Evan Lucas Peter was born to Ober and Elisenda at 4:22pm weighing 8lbs 6oz and measuring 21 1/4 inches long!
Baronial Championship
The Baron's Squire Torvald(sp) won and is our barony's new heavy champion. Ulfr made a great showing and came in second (he also came in second at the winter championship last December.  Padruig came in 3rd or fourth and was eliminated by Ulfr.  Ober, Ursala, Georgi, and Alban made good showings out of a field of 10 fighters.
Our first camping event of the year.  Saturday morning was a little damp, but didn't hinder the days events. Padruig, Isungr, and Ober worked on their MIT, and Azreal authorized in polearm.  Bran, Moriz, Ulfr, Alban, and Rhos also attended and took part in the days fighting.  Many other household members were in attendance including: Robert, Audelinde, Caywick, Diana,  Kevona, Cennedda, Louise, Geogri, Ursala, Elisenda, and Rowena. Many many many good friends of the house were also there to share in a very good event. After court the house gathered and inducted 3 new members into the house, Lord Malcolm MacLorin, Lady Nencia di Bartolo Damiani, and Lord Demitrius the Archer.  We welcome these new members into our family and look to spend many more happy times with them.  House members and friends stayed up late into the night sharing stories songs and fellowship.  Lord Robert, "These are the things that keep the house together."

Middle Kingdom 30-Year Anniversary

The house hold had a good showing.. those in attendance: Padruig, Rhos, Arenvald, Richard, Caywick, Azreal, Georgi, Ulfr and myself (Isungr). We picked up one of baron Cavron's men, Connor,  who we've fought with before. His help was greatly appreciated. Rhea was there for moral support.
We took third place in the melee tourney after a tie breaker with Mjolnr.  Caywick became injured and asked his Majesty to take her place and he accepted. Rhos and Connor were in charge of protecting the king and did a fine job, although Rhos did not think so and gave a token of apology to his majesty. His majesty in turn put Rhea in charge of watching Rhos and to come to him when Rhos did a deed of valor so he could give the token back to Rhos.
We offered the prize of one gallon of mead to his majesty but he informed us that he did not drink and asked us to fill our mugs with it and drink to him and we joyfully agreed. Over all the house hold looked very good for our first big melee together.
As far as authorizations go: I ,Isungr, now have single hand and two hand face thrust.
(Many thanks to Isungr for writing this report.)
De Tyre house meeting.
    The house got together at Grindstone Charlies on the east side. After eating we discussed:
Upcoming Events:
    Midrealm 30 year anniversary.  Lord Robert will be fighting with us on our ten man melee team!
    May faire.  This is another event run by members of our house, and the first camping event of the season.
    Baron Wars.  Looking to make a huge presence at this event.  Combat Archery Auth's will take place also.


Padruig will be fighting for Caywick! Tournament is Memorial Day Weekend with the actual fighting taking place on Sunday (Race Day). Pat is planning on getting a few hotel rooms for the weekend.  All house members are encouraged to attend and support Padruig in his bid for the crown of the Middle Kingdom!
    Ted collected money for De Tyre hats at $20 a piece if you want one contact Ted ASAP
Cloth Run
    A Bleachery run will be made by Elisenda, Caywick, and Lord Robert sometime in May after the "event".
    The "event" being the birth of my son Evan.
    Scraps from tabards will be used for spear pennants.
    Elisenda or Louise will be taking measurements for tabards at next Tuesdays fighter practice to get an average.
    We will have a sewing day or multiple sewing days to put the tabards together after we get the fabric.
    Pat collected $20/person for tabards.
    Pat and Ted are working on getting info on ordering house patches
    we will be getting an order together for Midrealm patches
War banner
    We are working on getting a new war banner possibly professionally done.
    We discussed and voted on adding new members to the house.  We voted to add 4 new members who will
    be 'Made' at May Faire or the soonest opportunity after that.  See Pat or Robert about other people we are
    looking at.
    We will have the ditch side of the camp this year.  So we can close down the main road for/with Rib Nite
    $40 camping fee by simple day (This pays for wood, rib nite, and other camping necessities)
Web Page
    We need Articles, book reviews, No Sh_t there I was stories, and Photos.
    We will be adding a roster with kingdom awards.
    Go to the midrealm site and recommend people who deserve awards.
    I (Ober) will be checking on registering a domain name.
House Champion
    Championship will be June 13th, the day after Cloved Orange Ball.  Ulfr will be defending his title, if he
    wins he will remain house champion until this fall.
Next House Meeting
    Meeting will be May 23rd following Regional fighter practice location to be announced.
Fighter Talk
    Facethrusts! Facethrusts! Facethrusts! get authorized, use it, be ready for it.
    We will devote time at house practice for both shield wall and support weapon training.
    All house members are encouraged to get polearm spear and facethrust authorizations.
In-House fighting/disagreements
    If you have a problem with a house member please talk to them and iron it out, many problems are caused
    by misunderstandings and miscommunication.  If you need help ask one of the leaders of the house to mediate.
Let's be Frank
    Great Melee event!  House De Tyre had a huge presence at this event with 14+ fighters and many many house members out of armor.  Facethrusts ruled the day.  Duke Moonwolf was heard to utter many times "Might as well have a handgun." as he killed a multitude of fighters with his 9' spear.  Ober, Albin, Rhos, and Lambertus all authorized in advanced weapon styles.

Regional Fighter Practice
    Ten or Twelve of us went up to the practice, it rained and rained, very few other people showed up, we went home.

DeTyre house meeting.  The house got together at China Buffet and did considerable damage to the buffet.  We discussed:
    House involvment with the barony:
                Fealty to the Baron.
                Attending monthly Business Meetings.
                Helping out at Baronial Events.
                PREREGISTER WITH EAGLES KEEP!!!!!!
                There will be a Rib Night and a Two Chuck Roast night.
           Camping/food fee will be $40/adult due by Simple day (this is up $10) from previous years
           Preregister even if you are sharing a tent with someone else, this will give us the maximum amount of camp space.
                If you don't preregister  you will end up in the DeTyre slums by the road and learn all about Pensic dust.
                Caywick will be bringing the DeTyre change jar to events and practices.
    Cloved Orange Ball:
                Sophia is Autocrat - contact her and find out what you can do to help.
                We have been asked to help out from untill noon as greeters and guard.
    Simple Day:
                Braun is Autocrat - contact him and find out what you can do to help.
                House sponsored Torchlight Tourney Friday night.
                Prize being put together by Padruig.
                Bring torches, wicks, and fuel.
                We will have a household encampment.
                Household Party with Theme (Wet Chamise was suggested but met with little support)
    House Tabards, Mantles, Hats, and Patches.
                There will be a Bleachery Run (Caywick Elucinda, and Robert)  in the next few months.
                Tabard sewing party/day.
                $20 per person will cover material for 3 Tabards (House, Midrealm, Baronial) due April house meeting
                We can get hats for $20 with our names on the back and DeTyre on the front see Isunger.
                Isunger also volunteered to get information about getting new house patches.
    Tournament of Swords:
                This will be an event for October of 2000
               Fighting will be in pools based on persona, with the exception of the Chiv and Red Company pools.
                Each pool will recieve a sword as a prize
                Overall winner will recieve another sword, hopefully decorated by Master Lothair.
                We are going to try for same site as Simple Day.
                We are going to have flyers and raffles to raise money and draw attention to this event.
                We want this to be a big event please see Padruig to help out.
    Web Page:
                Ober is currenlty working on updating and running the web page.
                Need recent pictures and Articles to post.
                There will be articles by Lord Robert on the page.
                Robert needs help with pictures for the articles.
                Mailing list is being done by Moriz, when finished you can Email Ober for a copy.
                Mailing list will not be posted on the web.
                Albin and Elisenda volunteered to act as house Chatelaine.
                Fighters are encouraged to get their Marshalet and Face Thrust Authorizations
                We will be working on polearm authorizations and melee work, at house practices.
    Next Meeting:
                3pm April 25th at Grindstone Charlies on East Washington.

House DeTyre made a strong showing at the Grand Tournament of the Unicorn (Oxford, OH) with close to a dozen house members in attendance.  Braun and Albin both made good showings in the single elimination tourney, and Padruig won!  With a little help we fielded two five man teams for the melee competition.  Team one (Pdruig, Sebastian, Braun, Ulfr and Ober) swept two of the four battles, but lost the captains battle to Kriegstrum who went on to win the melee competition.  Team two (Albin, Russ {on open watch to join DeTyre} and three friends of the house) showed the house colors and fought valiantly.