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Your Majesties, I would like to beg a boon…

Ever since man, or woman, first made war upon the waves Kings and Queens have sought for a means to increase the strength of their navies. One method they used to do this was through issuing a letter of marque. This letter gave private captains the authority to seize enemy ships and goods, which would later be shared with the throne.

I, Captain Caywick de Everaux, of the good ship Caliente' Puntas, would like to request such a letter for myself and my crew, so that we can aid the Middle kingdom in its efforts against the East, and further our own efforts to have a good time. My crew consists of 15 plus lusty ladies, and many cabin boys, who can be recognized by their pirate cord, either a piece of fabric, Argent with Sable crosses, or a cord, Argent and Azure intertwined. The goal of our ship is to promote fun and fellowship within the Middle Kingdom through excessive revelry and martial prowess.

All that is required is the signature and seal of your majesties on this letter that I have had drawn up. Attached to the letter is a roster of my ships crew, and our charter.