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Letter of Marquee for the ship Caliente' Puntas and her crew.


Be It known to all who behold this writ, that we, Ragnvalder Jonsson and Arabella Silvermane, Sovereigns of the Middle Kingdom have commissioned Captain Caywick de Everaux of the private ship Caliente' Puntas, and crewed by many lusty women and able-bodied cabin boys, to subdue, seize, and take by right of arms any armed vessel, public or private, belonging to the Kingdom of the East or her allies which they should happen upon.

Such captured vessel, and the goods or effects which shall be found on board the same, together with all persons, with their pants, who shall be found on board, shall be brought before the Crown of the Middle Kingdom, in order that proceeds concerning such capture, may be divided between the Crown and crew of the Caliente' Puntas as is right and just.

In so much as a Kingdom is known for more than just its warriors and artists we further charge the crew of the debaucherous ship Caliente' Puntas to continue their efforts to spread both revelry and the glory of the Middle Kingdom, throughout the land, wherever their travels may take them.

This commission to continue in force during the pleasure of the Crown of the Middle Kingdom for the time being.