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 GateKeeper Help GateKeeper v3.2 by Joe Barta  
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I would like to...
1) save this password:
2) un-save my password

I enter the right password but it keeps getting denied. Why?

Well, there are a few possible reasons. The most obvious is that your password is no good anymore. You may want to contact the webmaster of the site you're trying to access. Later on in this help page there is an email link where you can submit a problem to both the webmaster and to the author of GateKeeper.

Possibly it's a case problem. In most situations mypassword is not the same as Mypassword or MYPASSWORD. Make sure that you enter the password using the proper case (normally all lower case). Sometimes you can have your Caps Lock on and not realize it.

Another possible problem is that the site you are trying to access is down or very slow. The GateKeeper works on a timer. It has seconds to find your password page. If it can't load the page within that seconds, you get denied. The good news is that you can increase that number up to 600 seconds (10 minutes).

Make GateKeeper keep checking for seconds.

If the site is slow, this may help. If it's down, it won't. Note that this won't affect a successful password entry. If your password is valid and you get the password document quickly, you'll just zip right in. The wait only kicks in if the page (for whatever reason) is not loading.

I would like to report a problem.

Please do. Below is an email link that will send your email to both the author of GateKeeper and the webmaster of this site (assuming he has configured GateKeeper to do so.)

Report the problem using the following general format:

When I try to send mail to the webmaster above, there is no email address specified for him.

Then hasn't configured GateKeeper with his email address. You'll have to look elsewhere on his site for it.

Can I get one of these cool GateKeeper thingies for my web site?

Sure. Get yourself to

Does it cost anything? Is it hard to set up?

No. Not very.