Robert and Rebekah
Robert' de Cressac-Ferrand, called Robert' de Tyre, was born 27 September, 1169, the son of Robert-Amalric and Marie de Florence. His father was the son of a Provincial Crusader and his family resided in the Kingdom of Outremer sinc the First Crusade. They were poulains of mixed French and Sudanese descent. 

Robert' became a Templar when his family suffered the loss of his father at the Battle of Hattin and his mother died soon after the fall of the city of Jerusalem (it is said, from overmuch grieving). He fought in the siege of the city St. Jean de Acre, and was with the forces of Richard I of England at the Battle of Arsuf. 

Robert' was released from his vows when word came that the last heir to his family's Southern French holdings died, leaving his fief to Robert'. He then married Rebekah Maroni de Beth-Jebail, and went westward with his entire household.

Robert Coleman, Jr. has been involved in the Society for Creative Anachronism for nearly twenty years. He has served his kingdom as an artist, calligrapher, herald, leatherworker and armourer, and has done numerous covers for The Pale, the Midrealm newsletter, and the Sternfeld Star, his Baronial newsletter. He is currently employed with the Defense Finance Accounting Service, Indianapolis, IN.

Rebekah Maroni de Beth-Jebail is the daughter of a 12th Century Maronite Orthodox priest who can trace his lineage back to St. James the Lesser (which, consequently, allows a 15th century Swiss girl to be involved with a 12th century crusader). She finds the Languedoc cold and wet compared to her native Lebanon, but would learn to like it better if Robert's peasants would only stop crossing themselves and calling her a pagan.

Audelinde Isabella von Metten is the youngest (and best-loved) daughter of a Benedictine monk (don't ask!). She rules her fief with the aid of her Moorish bodyguard, Junio. (He guards her VERY well).

Rebecca Coleman has left the medical record field and is employed as a Personnel Clerk with the Department of the Army. She shares her home with her husband Robert and a crotchety but loveable cat.

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